Family Disputes Service

What is our family disputes service?

We all fall out with family members! It’s easily done. Our family dispute resolution is a non-adverarial way of resolving arguments and conflicts that arise in family disputes without involving authorities such as the court system. Our highly trained mediators will meet all parties in a round-table style meeting to establish the cause of conflict and work to find a solution.

How can we help?

Many families experience disagreements from time to time. There are often times when parents and children fail to see ‘eye to eye’. We’ve all been annoyed with other family members over things they say or do.

Most of the time, families have their own way to manage disagreements and over time, issues appear less important than they did in the ‘heat of the moment’. However, sometimes disagreements can escalate in families, between children and parents, between relatives or even between siblings. On some occasions, it’s hard to resolve the issues that are making everyone angry and upset.

We can also help to resolve issues of child access between parents before things escalate and end up in court, however we are not certified to offer MIAM (mediation and assessment information) certificates.

We assist parents with child arrangements and drawing up Contact Schedules and Parenting Plans for their children.

If you are unable to solve a family dispute, it could be helpful to have a neutral and impartial mediator from AMS to help.

Mediators are professional trained volunteers. They will work with both parties to understand both sides of the story. They will help you to indentify the important issuses on both sides and willl work to help you reach a solution that is agreeable to everyone.

A mediator won’t ‘take sides’ and they won’t tell you what to do. Sometimes it can help to talk to a third party.

If you would like more information about the family disputes service, contact us here.