Our Response to COVID-19

As always, Ashford Mediation Service is still here to help.

The Ashford Mediation Service remains open and available to help you with any conflicts that you may be experiencing.

Normally with mediation, we work with both parties in a face-to-face manner, using two of our mediators to help both parties come to a mutually satisfying outcome and agreement.

However, our services have changed to benefit the way you would feel most comfortable working.

We can have our trained mediators contact you by your preferred method to discuss your issues and to offer guidance and helpful hints on how you, as an individual, might be able to resolve the situation yourself.

Our mediators can also arrange virtual meetings over technology platforms, offering individual and group consultations by telephone and video chats if you do not wish to meet face to face with the party in dispute.

We can offer a ‘Keep in Touch’ service where if you prefer a face-to-face meeting sometime in the future, we can tentatively schedule a session in a few months-time. In the meantime, we can have a trained mediator offer a listening ear and some coping mechanisms.

Find out more about the revised mediation process here.

We know that life goes on despite this unprecedented set of circumstances that we find ourselves in.

Ashford Mediation Service is a registered charity, number 1065625.

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