National Lottery Community Fund Awards Grant to the Ashford Mediation Service

Ashford Mediation Service is pleased to announce that it has received a significant funding award from the National Lottery Community Fund.

This generous financial support will help with the operation of the service and enable the organisation to continue meeting the needs of people across the borough of Ashford, Kent which, has over 130,000 households.

Sue Pitt, Chair of Ashford Mediation Service said “This funding is greatly appreciated by the Ashford Mediation Service team and is critical to our continuing operation. The funding will allow us to continue to expand the work we do in making a difference to the people and the community of Ashford.”

“We have continued to operate throughout the pandemic and have found that our work in resolving neighbourly and workplace disputes, as well as family and intergenerational conflict, has not diminished during these difficult times, if anything there is even more of a need for our services than before.”

Ashford Mediation Service mediators have a wealth of experience and offer an empathetic and caring approach to help people resolve issues. Mediators will not take sides or blame anyone. They will offer you a safe and neutral way to discuss your problems either online with our mediators, or in a face-to-face setting, Covid rules permitting.

Our goal is to create a more harmonious living and working environments in Ashford.

The service is free at the point of access and the team are happy to help. If you’re experiencing conflict, please do get in touch.

About the National Lottery Community Fund
The National Lottery Community Fund is a non-departmental public body responsible for distributing funds raised by the National Lottery for good causes. Find out more on the National Lottery Community Fund website.

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