Boundary Dispute

The Challenge

Arthur was planting some spring bulbs along the border of his property to the left when his neighbour, Ruth, on that side of the boundary came out.

‘You’re planting those on my property’, she said. ‘No, this is just inside my boundary’, Arthur replied. Although both went inside and came out with their property deeds and the Land Registration documents, they both agreed it was no clearer where the boundary actually ended.

Although it was only a matter of a few centimetres, neither one just wanted to ‘let the other one have it’.

Photo by Olenka Sergienko

The Solution

The Ashford Mediation Service met both neighbours separately so they could explain why the strip of land was so important to them. They then attended a round table meeting, managed by the mediators, where they were able to discuss the issue and come to a solution.

There was no animosity between the neighbours, but they just couldn’t see where their boundaries ended and besides, if they wanted to sell their properties, they couldn’t legally be in dispute or the sale could not go through.

The professionally trained mediators didn’t take sides and didn’t apportion blame. Instead, they were able to help both neighbours to look at their options for determining their boundaries. Whilst either neighbour could have given in and let the other neighbour claim possession, they decided to split the cost of a qualified Property Surveyor to get an official and formal opinion, which they agreed to abide by.

“Talking to AMS saved us a great deal of time, money and bad feelings.” – Arthur and Ruth, Ashford Residents.

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