Workplace Disputes

The Challenge

Disputes in the workplace can cause a loss of productivity and income, as well as spread unhappiness well beyond a single team.

A small service company which was reliant on integrated and cohesive teamwork to ensure it provided a seamless service to clients started experiencing problems when a new member joined.

After initially getting on well together, a problem arose between two members of the team, quickly progressing to disagreements when members of the team started to ‘take sides’. The atmosphere in the team became unpleasant and work progress wis disrupted.

The HR Manager contacted Ashford Mediation Service and explained the situation.

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The Solution

Two volunteer mediators attended the premises and met with each of the two team members separately first, allowing them to explain what the issues were from their perspective, how they had arisen and what they would like to happen to resolve the situation.

A ‘roundtable’ between the team members commenced and both sides had the chance, uninterrupted, to put their viewpoint across. During the meeting they each put forward ideas on how to resolve the issues and after discussion came up with a solution which put to bed previously unshared grievances and a genuine way forward.

Follow up feedback identified that understanding the other persons perspective had been key to seeing how each had misunderstood the situation and led to mutually unhelpful behaviour on both parts. The team members involved were now working well together and the whole team dynamic improved.

AMS charges a small fee for workplace disputes.

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