Keeping Ashford talking

The changing nature of disputes.

The previous blog post about mediation in lockdown highlighted our commitment to keeping people in Ashford talking to resolve problems and tackle issues and disputes during the pandemic.

With the changes we have all had to deal with, some areas of our life and work may have become strained. Previously happy relationships may have changed for the worse.

Areas that we see which cause problems between people in Ashford include disputes with neighbours over anti-social behaviour, noise or boundary issues.

Whilst within families, we help to settle agreements over child access, or to reach a conclusion to intergenerational issues that cause arguments and stress in the home.

As some people are now ‘living at work’ with their office set-up at home, relationships with colleagues, managers, customers and others in the home can become strained. This can also lead to issues and disputes at home because the office and the home spaces are one and the same. There is no escape.

We facilitate and manage the conversations between both ‘sides’ in a dispute to help reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

If you feel you need someone to talk to please do get in touch.

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