Mediation in lockdown

Keeping Ashford talking.

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns have changed the way each of us lives, works and relaxes.

We’ve seen many positive actions and community minded activities people have taken part in during the last year, but at the same time the pressures of lockdown have meant that at times, relationships have become strained.

Even in unpredictable times we have continued to help people in Ashford resolve disputes with neighbours and family members.

We have certainly been busy and some of the cases we have dealt with have been different to the norm. For example, we’re seeing more cases of anti-social behaviour in communities than we have in the past.

During the pandemic, Ashford Mediation Service has been able to successfully mediate cases working with people using online technology while we await the opportunity to mediate face-to-face again, in accordance with government guidance.

We don’t take sides in disputes. We work with all parties to help those involved to reach a solution that works for everyone.

Get in touch

We are very much still open for business and if you need someone to talk to please do reach out to us.

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