Dealing with Conflict

We deal with on a daily basis. It occurs when the goals, needs or opinion of one person clash with another – and unchecked, this can escalate. Here’s a few tips on how to deal with conflict, especially while we’re all at home in Ashford during the second lockdown.

1. Don’t Avoid It

When conflict arises, don’t avoid it and pretend nothing has happened. This will cause tension as time goes by. Deal with uncomfortable issues as soon as possible.

2. Talk Together

Set a time and place to talk without interruptions. Each person should have a fair amount of time to speak and be listened to. No one party should control the conversation. Everyone should have a chance to say how they feel, but not blame or attack.

3. Always Listen

It’s essential to give your complete attention to whoever’s talking. Don’t interrupt and try to make sure you understand the message they’re trying to send. Ask clarifying questions if needed. Listening should always be about gaining understanding.

4. Provide Guidance

There are many times you may need to help mediate conflict. Never take sides. In some cases, you may need to guide the conversation. AMS can also help guide many different types of dispute.

5. Find an agreement

Your conversation will focus on disagreements, and this is natural.

Try to find a point of agreement. You should leave the conversation with some positives – so try to shed light on a centre ground and see from each other’s points of view.

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