Noise Dispute

The Challenge

Ayesha played loud music every night until the early hours of the morning.

People could hear the music outside the Ayesha’s house and it was keeping the baby awake next door on one side and disturbing the sleep of the elderly couple on the other side. An informal conversation didn’t result in an agreeable resolution.

Finally, one of the affected neighbours contacted the Ashford Mediation Service.

The Solution

The Ashford Mediation Service was able to work with all three neighbours to come to a solution around the noise. First, all three parties were visited separately to understand what the issue was from their perspective and what they thought needed to happen to resolve the problem.

Following this all parties were able to explain at a Round Table Session held in a neutral location, what the issues were without interruption.

The professionally trained mediators didn’t take sides and didn’t apportion blame. Instead, they were able to help the affected parties to explain what the impact of the music was on them which enabled Ayesha to understand that the construction of the properties meant that the insulation from noise was minimal.

When Ayesha visited one of the affected parties and the noise levels were at the initial volumes, she admitted she could hear through the adjoining
wall. It was agreed that the noise levels would be reduced.

“I didn’t realise exactly how loud my music was until I stood on the other side of the wall – I’m really sorry that I didn’t sort it sooner” – Ayesha

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