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The Challenge

Becky and her neighbour Gilly had mediation about a parking problem recently. Gilly was parking opposite Becky’s property making it hard to reverse out of her drive. Mediation helped clear the air as there were some issues about where Becky put out her bins which had been annoying Gilly.

With the mediators’ help they were able to find a compromise. Now they
understand each other’s point of view better and are able to discuss problems as they arise.

Considerate Parking

Parking problems are on the increase – there are more and more cars and many residential areas have limited spaces available. Without a magic wand there is little that can be done to resolve this. However, a bit of care and consideration can help prevent conflict arising. And there are some practical solutions that are worth considering to ease congestion in your area.

  1. Try and consider your neighbours when you park, do not block their drives and leave them enough space to easily manoeuvre in the road.
  2. Remember the emergency vehicles and refuse collectors may need access: be careful to leave a generous vehicle width space when you park.
  3. Try to park economically, in other words, don’t leave big gaps between you and other parked cars if you can avoid it so as many cars as possible can be fitted in.
  4. It is worth remembering that no one has the exclusive right to park outside their homes on the public road.
  5. If you have a drive, please use it if space is tight to allow others to use the roadside.
  6. If you notice a car has not moved for some time it might be worth checking whether it is taxed or has a SORN, or whether it has been insured. This is easy and free to do online on
    If it is not then you can report it to the Police by telephoning 101.
  7. If you have trouble parking in your area it might be worth considering whether you could manage without a car. They cost a lot to run and if there are good public transport links it might be easier to manage without. Alternatively, a car share can sometimes work with a family member, neighbour or work colleague.
  8. There is also the option of walking or cycling instead which can make you fitter too! These are some possible solutions which might help prevent parking disputes developing in your area.

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